Guys, help with an after a break up question.

Lets say you only dated a girl for about 2 months (got pretty close and had good times) and decided you were stressed and didn't want a girlfriend anymore..I don't want to hear if that's an excuse I just want to know if you were kinda just over the relationship and didn't hate the girl (staying friends) are you going to miss her? like do you think about her, not in the way of getting back together but just think about her occasionally or be reminded of her? would you ever contact her again?

Im the victim in this and obviously am very sad and keep thinking about him I just want to know if it even phases him that he doesn't have a girlfriend anymore?


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  • It depends a lot on the guy and how serious the relationship was. I mean sure I bet he thinks about you sometimes and was probably upset at first that things didn't work out. It sounds to me like he has some things in his life that he needs to work out first before he can focus on a relationship, maybe after he gets these things taken care of he will think back to you and wonder if things would of worked out. BUT you cannot wait for him to come to this realization, you need to try to move on and find someone else, don't waist your time waiting on someone else to realize your worth their time when there's someone out there already that will be more than happy to spend time with you


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  • let it go.


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