My ex says he wants to start talking again but slowly although does not contact me at all?

Me and my ex saw each other at the gym and had a really good time with each other and I still had strong feelings for him at the time so I asked him what he wanted due to that being the case and he responded that he wanted to start talking again and get back together but SLOWLY,? well since that day which was a week ago he had not texted or called me even once? If I text or call him though he responds promptly but if I don't days who knows maybe even a week or two could go by with it us talking

I'm very confused by this because I called him and asked him what he wanted never did I hint to him that we needed to try again and if I did I was sure to give him a way out by saying let me know what's going on so I can either let these feelings for you stay or get over them also if we hang out I feel like at times he's holding back but if we fall asleep together he'll hold onto me pretty tight but its like after we have a night together that next day everything seems to have meant.nothing I just don't get it

Why is he not reaching out to me even though he did he wanted to work things out?


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  • I have an ex (well, really two, but I'm only really interested in one of them) who has indicated that she wants to give it another try. I'm willing to, but I have a few things that I need to handle or see how a few things turn out (for example, which med school I'm going to pick) before I get into any type of real relationship because I really don't want to hurt her if I can't give it a go and I admit that I don't want to ruin any possible future chance. I pretty much treat her the same way that he treats you, so it could be something similar to this.

    • So should I just back up and give him space I love him and care for him a lot but I'm getting tired of not seeing any change with us I'm already at the point where I feel like giving up and just letting it go.are you saying that by getting back together slowly he means to do so one he has everything figured out?

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    • It's OK :/ thanks a bunch for taking time out to help me :)

    • You're welcome :)

  • What caused the breakup? I could give you a more informed answer.

    • Well the lack of communication pretty much and I'm the one who ended it but only it off and and frustration with him which we had already sat down with each other and explained both our sides andboth left with an understanding I don't think our break up is the cause for this because we get along just fine like the night at the gym, it felt like our first time meeting each other again I just don't understand why he says he wants to work on us but does not text or call me unless I do so

    • Sounds like he thought you guys could slowly get back to the way things were but he's having a really hard time with it. You broke up with him. He's probably still hurt and angry in a lot of ways and hasn't had enough time to deal with that. He wants to see you but it also probably hurts a lot so part of him doesn't want to. You've basically said that you were better off without him. Now maybe he's thinking the same thing about you or trying to make you feel some of the pain that he's felt.

    • I'm not saying he's an a**hole. He's just having a hard time with it and probably still not entirely sure what he wants to do at this point

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