I often think about my ex-boyfriend?

Me and my ex have been broken up for a while but ever since I still think about him a lot even if other guys come into the picture. He was the first guy I ever did things with and I guess that's what makes him special but I wonder would he still think about me? even though we're broken up or not likely?


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  • I am in the same boat as you at the moment. I broke up with my boyfriend about 5 months ago and counting.

    We must be strong and remember there will be good times ahead.

    He probably does think about you, I don't understand how anyone could just block someone out of their life. Whether you had a good or bad memories you were part of his life.

    There will be things that remind him of you. But it is best for you to keep moving on.

    Watch this video, I watched it after my break up and I realized this is life. It is a rollercoaster there will be ups and downs and we constantly learning from our mistakes.


    • Aw thanks for your advice :)

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  • He probably does. If you really care for him you should try it. It can't hurt to try and at least give it a shot.

    • thanks but I've already tried to see if he wanted to meet up a couple months back and he didn't want to.

  • He'll always think about you. The first, even though it's awkward, will always be in the spank bank. :)


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  • its very likely that he still thinks about you too, we all make footprints on peoples hearts.

    the question is are you ready to love someone else...if not then you should speak to him to see if his feelings are still there as well cause its sounds like you need closure.

    my first boyfriend and I were on and off for 6 years then I finally let him go because we wanted different lives. my point is you never just leave someones mind because you broke up...

    • well I went away for the summer and I came back and we broke up over text and I never saw him for closure. so I think you're right but I have spoken to him before and he didn't want to meet up :/

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