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Would a guy that you know is definitely attracted to you & likes you go back to an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him & left him for another guy if he thinks that you only want a "friends with benefits" relationship with him and nothing more? Second question is...Does anyone know the odds of a relationship working out with an ex who cheated on you and left you for someone else?


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  • Ouch! That one might sting a little... Seriously, I would not stay in a relationship that I thought was going no where. The FWB thing isn't appealing to me. I Felt that way in my last relationship and decided it was not worth it. I spent a few months talking and trying to sort things out but ultimately ended it because of that feeling.

    Now as far as going back to an ex that cheated, that doesn't sound like a better situation at all. I would just free myself from both and move on. It took me 17 years and a best friend to learn that my ex would keep cheating. For my kids and a family I stayed with her for way too many years. If no kids definitely not staying. Lessons learned even with kids it would be awe full hard for me to repeat that mistake. Not saying some don't change. I have seen some people who cheated, got a second chance and moved on to fix their relationship. Some make a mistake and learn quickly. Others (ie:my ex) have to lose everything to learn not to cheat. The odds depend on the two people. Some people just can't get over that one love. Maybe that is why he went back.


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  • My boyfriend cheated on me and had another relationship however after a month he came crawling back which I knew he would...guys sometimes lose track on how they really feel for someone because they are bored or are infatuated with a new girl. Yes it can definitely work agsin with the ex, my advice to you is steer clear of him he is only gonna break year heart


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