Delete ex-boyfriend's family?

After just 4 months apart, my ex found someone new. Sort of. Apparently she posted all over his Facebook constantly but he never replied. Then he changed his status to In a Relationship with her. This lasted literally 2 days before he went back to Single, deleted and blocked her and removed all her posts. Since then she has changed her name, met someone else and seems to be moving away. It all seems very odd to me.

I started no contact close to 2 months ago, and the only reason I know this is because my family decided I should know. They've all deleted him from Facebook but apparently still kept an eye on his activity. Several people have suggested he ended it with her so quickly because he isn't over me. I'm not as convinced.

Anyway, I still have a lot of his family on Facebook because they are closely connected to my own family. I've known some of them since before I even met my ex. Something my ex said a while after we split gave me the impression he uses his sister's account to check up on me, so I've started hiding my posts from them. I'm not sure if I should just delete them from my friend's list or keep them and just hide all my activity. Whatever happens, I will have to face them at family gatherings, so I'm reluctant to make things awkward. Any advice?


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  • I think that you should just let it go. Just post. It's his problem if he can't move on. I have one of my niece's ex boyfriends on Facebook, and I don't think anything of it, nor do I care if he uses it as a way to try and keep tabs on her. It's his job to get over it and not mine to help him get over it.

    • I do see your point. But as I'm the "dumpee" in this situation, I fail to see why he needs to keep an eye on me. He ended it, so he forfeited that right in my opinion. I have no problem with his family and most of them still talk to me, but it feels as though he's invading my privacy. I haven't moved on yet and I still care for him, so I'm not sure what to do for the best.

    • for your own good block your post for now..after time has passed you decide if you want to let them in your world again

  • He immediately regreted his decision of dumping you. But that doesn't change the fact that you are now exes, and you don't have to be talking anymore.

    If it really makes you uncomfortable, then yeah, delete them. I think it shouldn't matter whether you're friends or not in FB with someone, it doesn't change the relationship you have with people (or at least, it shouldn't). It will be a good way to prevent your ex from keeping tabs on you, and you won't be exposed to seeing something about him that might hurt you.

    Personally, I didn't delete my ex-gf's family from FB, since I really bonded with them and care about them. But I kept them because I was sure I was over my ex, and that seeing anything about her in her family's profiles wouldn't affect me.

    It all comes down to do what makes you feel better, not worrying about what others' will think about you, specially if you're friends already.


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