I don't want to get back with my ex because I don't want to ruin the good memories we had. Thoughts?

not really a question just how I feel and I want to write about it. We had a great loving relationship, never fought, just enjoyed every second with each other, went through so much, we were there for each other and fought to be together... so many sweet memories that I dream about and remember nearly every day. I dumped him because I was depressed... not just moody or sad... but wanting run away... live in a forest maybe, not caring what happens to me or if I die, that sort of depression... not quite gutsy enough to end it myself... but I'll let a bear make a snack of me... or do drugs til my brain is fried. anyways... I got out of that with years of discipline, healthy eating, prayer, meditation, isolation, crying and trying and trying to get better. now I am pretty stable. I miss my ex, and would love to just hear from him, idc if we date again I just want to have with contact him.. but I'm afraid things won't be the same and that somehow the good memories will be tarnished or forgotten because the new memories will take their place. I don't know if I want this... we were young and innocent when we first fell for each other...


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  • You will still have all those good memories, even if you make new ones. It's true, maybe you are both different people now, especially you since you've come such a long way, and things might be different than they used to be. I think you should contact him, if your relationship was as good as you say, I'm sure he would love to hear from you and know that you're doing well now. Don't think about dating him just yet, let things happen at their own pace. Besides, he might be dating someone, but it's possible that after everything you've been through you could at least have him as your friend.


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  • This was my friend like last year! You need to be the one who makes the first move! You broke up with him so it is only fair. Get his number message or call him. Baby steps don't rush anything! There is a chance that he has moved on and likes someone else, if that is the case you need to move on as well.. It sucks, but you have to. If that isn't the case, just try to be friends with him like texting or hanging out (friend wise) and work your way up from there:)


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