Was that a nostalgia weekend. Or did she expect something more?

Hi all ,

I went to another city for business purpose. There I met with my ex gf... We re together 7 years ago. for 6 months.. it was that extended summer love and nice..

When we met for a weekend I didn t know if she is single or not .. We had a great weekend she stayed with me in the hotel we spent all weekend together .. It was 4 day trip only.,

Now she is 30 and a lot more mature.. I think I liked her but not like before. ..

Since I am back to my city. She is in my mind, Distance is problem and I have no idea how she feels...

What you guys say ¿ Why she was holding my hand kissing and more... Was that a nostalgia weekend.. Or did she expect something more .. ¿



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  • dat grammar.

    • Second language which I have learned on street.. Don t let those things bothers u. They re not important.

      So what you say.. ?

    • i don't know. just let it go, I guess. she is you ex-gf after all.

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  • Contact her and find out straight from the source!

  • Maybe


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  • she has a good name... listen to her she has the right and only answer mate


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