Ex invited me to wedding as plus one?

I broke up with my ex 5 months ago (only a month short of the time we where together). He had a lot of anger issues and could be quite disrespectful. As much as I'd be interested in giving things another go, I know there pretty much is no hope as he'll never change. I know he's keen on giving things another go, although he's never said more than he's going to 'make things right'.

Since we broke up, I left the country so we haven't seen each other. I've not tried to contact him, as I'm not giving him the wrong impression. On the other hand, he's said something every week or so, but it never actually turns into a conversation.

Today he invited me to be a plus one at a wedding he's going to, referring to me as a pet name. I don't know how to respond. Of course, the answer is no. We've hardly spoken and I'm not giving the impression that we're back together. I'm just shocked by the question and really need some help on what to say back.

What about..."Thanks for the invite, but we really haven't spoken so I feel it would be wrong to commit myself to something like this."

Sorry this was a little long, its just complicated.


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  • It sounds a bit complex yeah, but make sure you don't over-complicate it. That's one way big trouble starts.

    Either say thanks for the invite but you're busy (make plans for then or something).

    Or something along the lines of what you put. It depends on whether you'd rather dodge the question or straight up tell him you aren't interested and you feel like going would complicate things.

    Hope this helped, feel free to comment/message if you need anything else.

    Good luck

    • I can't say I'm busy, as he didn't give me a date. I would have used that as a way out otherwise :/

      If we'd been seeing each other and he'd suggested he's working on his anger, maybe I would consider it, but we haven't physically spoken in like 4 months. I think I'll go with something along the lines of what I said...

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    • Hope it goes well for ya. This shit can be hella awkward sometimes.

    • I told him no, said we haven't even been taking, it would be weird etc.

      Told me it's okay as it's not for a few months. He didn't take a hint.

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  • Keep it simple men are pretty simple they don't need an explanation in great detail. Just a simple thanks for the invite, but I'm busy ..boom! done lol


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