How to give my ex his stuff back?

We were in a long distance relationship, he broke up with me last week and now this weekend my company Christmas party is in his city. We haven't really talked since, but I have a few of his clothes so I figured he could pick them up from the hotel (that we were both supposed to be staying in together :( ) I obviously still have feelings for him but they are probably useless to express. Should I text him once I'm there and tell him he can come get his stuff? or ask him now if I should bring it? I don't know how I should handle seeing him again too.


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  • Burn his crap hahahaha jk. Don't text him if he really wants his stuff he'll come to you, he probably doesn't even want it,he just wants to see you

    • Part of me would really like to see him too, then other half just wants to get his shit out of my place so I can move on with my life. haha

    • Move on girl! He's a douche and you sound like a sweet heart! You deserve better!

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  • Just send them by the post, or wait for him to ask for them. Past one year and one day, it's yours and you can throw it away ;)


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  • Are you close to his parents? Drop it off at a friends or family member if you can without seeing him. Unless you want to see him and start the mourning process all over, elongated the process.


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