Are this some of the signs he wants me back?

Me and him were together for over 3 months, he broke up with me a week ago. We did (and I still do) love each other he meant a lot to me and I meant a lot to him. He always told everyone even his guy friends how much he loves me. We work together.

He broke up with me after a little fight we had. He said he didn't think much about his decision just sort of 'made it up' when I called him to made up with him.

Obviously I see him around at work and here are some things he does:

- He always says hi to me when he sees me, and I might be paranoid or something, but I can sense nervousness in his voice ?

-Whenever I'm close to his unit or him he always spots me straight away.

-He eats his lunch really close to my unit, and he never did that before.

-He is a really happen person, gets on with everyone, always(!) jokes around, talks to everyone, laughs, and is always around people. He seems really different now, eats by himself, sits by himself, is quiet doesn't talk that much to people unless they start talking to them. Never seen him smile since then.

-He came over to my unit to grab something and while doing so, he tried to touch my hands.

-He didn't tell anyone that we've broken up.

-He wanted to stay friends, and said that if I will need any help he's always there for me.

-He said he will collect his stuff from my house (that's including his rather expensive guitar) and give me back my stuff from his house. There's quite a lot of stuff of mine I have at his house and he said he doesn't want me carrying all these as it will get heavy. But never did call to do so...

Are these some signs that he wants me back? I think we've broken up for a really stupid reason or even for no reason and I miss him...
- He also asked one (from what I know of) of our mutual friends how am I doing and if I'm allright.


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  • 3 months and you really love him? But anyway, he might just be a nice guy for doing all of those things. If you wanted to get back with him just talk to him.


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