Guys, have you ever or would you ever try to sabotage your ex-girlfriends new elationship?

I have a problem with my past boyfriend (I always have to see him cause we work together). and my current boyfriend comes there to drink sometimes. I'm a bartender.

When he drinks, he gets out of control and he's usually drunk at the restaurant.

My ex knows who he is.

Guys would you ever do anything?Have you ever done anything? He's a nice person on the outside but when he drinks he gets nasty defensive violent aggressive blah blah blah.

Would you ever say anything bad about his new girlfriend (your ex-girlfriend) to the guy? (if there was anything bad to say?)

Im really worried now because I don't trust him. He's upset that I broke up with him and so now I think he doesn't want anyone else to have me.:(

The thing is, there is noting really bad about me to say (except the stupid fact that I held out for sex too long). I was a really good girlfriend other than that part.

Im extremely self conscious and I am actually thinking about quitting my job because I don't want to mix the two together and things to get worse :(


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  • I would not want to be anywhere my ex would be. If his still lingering around I think he still has feelings for you. Maybe his bitter about it and the Alcohol brings it out of him.

  • I wouldn't try to sabotage an ex's new relationship unless I wanted her back. I don't try to get ex's back though so I wouldn't bother.


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