Ex boyfriend cheated on me for years?

We have kids and we are broken up but I just found out a few days ago he cheated on me with a girl for years behind my back,she works at a sonics near my house and I had no idea about her.well I guess when I use to go there and she would bring me my food she knew who I was and would spit in my food.And I guess my ex knew about her doing that.me and him use to go there and I remember he use to give her good tips but he did that to everyone.so I'm wondering how do I get over this traumatic event? He denies still knowing her and he won't admit to it and lies to his family that he ever did anything wrong.i have always admitted to my wrong doings.but I didn't do that,so please give me insight how to look past something so disgusting.thank you.and he doesn't help with his kids anymore.


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  • Well you can keep thinking about this sad event, or repeat yourself it's over, and move on.

    Future is in the other direction than past.

    • Yeah but how can someone be so disgusting

    • And I am moving on I just don't understand why I ended up with someone so disgusting and he comes off as a nice guy but I guess he isn't what I thought.which makes me feel I screwed up on myself.thanks though I am.

    • You didn't screw anything up.

      He could have ended it with you when seeing this other woman, but he made the choice to deceive you. It's not your fault, especially as you never got any clue about anything.

      I'm sorry about your sad story, but the guy isn't worth your thoughts. I hope you won't lose your trust in men because of that a**hole.

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  • Stop all contact with him and take him to court to get support.


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  • be glad you finally found out or you might have taken him back to continue his douchary

    • No I will not take him back after something like this.He is nasty,a liar,and a horrible father and that's that.

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    • Yeah they do,wow thanks for letting me know I'm not the only person who has been threw this.I totally agree they will end up alone in the end.

    • yw and thank your lucky stars you find out late but better than never.

  • Ask yourself, is this something you want to live with for the rest of your life?

    • I'm not going to,i just see how repulsive he is now.I feel bad for any girl who ends up with him after me.Anyway I a hot momma so ill do fine believe me:)

    • Perfect, glad to hear it. GL

  • how do you know its her and she spits in your food? complain to her boss about the latter and have her fired because that's completely digusting

    • I did she denied it and they didn't take it any further.But karmas a bitch.Because a guy that use to work with her that knew me and my ex told me about it.

  • You can fall asleep at night knowing that you're the better person here...by far! This is one of those times where I REALLY have to believe in karma because this douche deserves a wallop.

    • Yes thank god someone knows how sick of a situation this is.Really I am not gonna worry about it anymore,thank you:)

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