Does anyone else do this? And how do we stop?

Alright, so there is this girl... Obviously. Her and I started to talk/see each other about 6 months back and after we hooked up things went south pretty quickly.

We go to school together and see each other pretty often and when we do we both act like we didn't see each other. We avoid making eye contact and usually my face turns beet red and I hurry off quickly in whatever direction I am going. We have done this for months now. We pretend the other doesn't exist if we get stuck in the library or something together. Does any one else do this? And what can I do to fix it? She friended me on FB a month ago but after all this awkwardness I don't know what else to do besides what I have been doing. Avoiding her at all costs... I still dig her tho, its weird, I know... I wanna if anybody else has had a similar situation and what did you do about it.


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  • Haha, yes this brings back memories of my ex girlfriend.

    Had a similar problem bro.

    In my situation the girl liked to avoid me in school and would make me chase her. She was faithful and would love seeing me stare and give her flirtatious looks inbetween classes. Sometimes when we both had time to grab something to eat I would aproch her and act like I've never met her before but with confidence and she loved it.

    It was kind of a roll playing thing.

    Idk if your girl is the same, she could be tho...

    just take it easy, wave to her when you see her (but not in an awkward/desperate cry for attention kind of way). If she hasn't left you yet, things are looking good. Try and talk to her and see how she feels about it. Maybe you'll learn something new about her, who knows?


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