I seriously need your opinions. please respond.

I've always lived with either my ex fiancee or alone. Early this year, I moved out of my apartment (appliances started breaking, the heater then the hot water heater and the managers were not concerned with fixing them.)

I moved back in with my mom. She lost her job this year. Since I've been here, I've let her barrow over 3000 dollars. that's from covering her rent that she can't and other bills. (I'm not expecting any of it back.)

Anyways, my brother moved in back in July. He is completley disrespect full to me. Example- Monday through Friday I wake up at 430 am to be at work by 6. At 230 I head over to my school and wait there (I work and go to school in a city about 35 miles away). I have class at 6 and get out at 9 and am home by 930-945.

Yesterday he decided to wake up at 430 also. He wanted to take a bath so I hurried up and did what I needed to do in the bathroom. At about 515 I was headed out the door but had to take a crap. By this time he was in the bath for about 20 minutes. He didn't get out until 535 knowing I not only had to take a crap but I had to leave to work.

There have been numerous times where I pack my lunch the day before just to realize the next morning that someone ate it.

Someone has been using my toothbrush, I don't know for how long but it was in the shower a couple days ago. (I got a new toothbrush.)

I get frustrated about these little things and no matter what my mom always takes other peoples side.

Like yesterday, she sided with my brother saying I should have used the toilet while I was in the bathroom. I just say 1. nobody should be taking a BATH during rush hour.

2. I will certainly try to schedule my shit around my brothers bath schedule next time.

At least once a day my brother doesn't get his way and verbally abuses me saying things like "you dumb bitch, whore etc."

Needless to say, I SERIOUSLY want to move and I have the means to. The thing is, I'm the only person helping my mom keep this place. I know if I move it's going to be so much harder for her.

A couple best guy friends (from high school) have been asking me to move with them for several months. I'm the only other established person they know (job+school income). So I think I'm going to do it. I'm just having a hard time leaving my mom, even though she is so mean to me.

I'm thinking, if my friends and I can find a cheap place and split rent three ways, I can still give my mom the original $250 she asked me to pay towards rent just to help her out.

What do you guys think?
I found this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment for 890 a month. That would translate into about 300 for my rent + the 250 for my moms my complete rent would be 550. I'm paying about 700 a month right now at my moms + my personal bill.


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  • Honestly if you ask lots of people will tell you number one (i.e yourself) should always come first.. If you are unhappy then change it. If you can help your mom out great if you can't well she is a grown woman and should sort it out herself.by the way it sounds like your mom has at least a 3 b\edroom house by the fact that you three could live there if that's the case maybe she should move somewhere cheaper anyway


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  • You don't need to be living with your mother to give her money. Move, out of convenience for yourself, and feel free to keep helping her out with her rent. But be careful that she doesn't take advantage of you. You can't help her pay rent forever.


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