Guys: seem like you wanna hug but hold back?

There's this guy that teases me and tries to scare me all the time. He'll hug other girls but not me.. Like twice after he scared me he kinda pulled me in like he was hugging me. Or sometimes he'll grab me by both arms and I think he's gonna hug me but he just turns me around and is like "you should go over there" Or today he told me we had to go in the classroom and put his arm around me and walked like 3 steps together like that until he dropped it.. Why does he touch me and seem like he's gonna hug me but then holds back? I am really petite and I'm homeschooled and shy don't know if thy ha anything to do with it..


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  • Maybe you need a shower lol.. no I kid.. I don't know maybe he doesn't want you to feel weird about it if you're shy?


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