How Do I get over my jealousy and shyness and just make my move?

I go to school with this dude, and we are cool. We don't hate each other but at the same time we're not friends. There are two girls I like, and he openly flirts with one, and is activity in a relationship with the other. I'll call them El, and H. I like H and think she is wonderful. I'm in the same wood shop and ACT prep class with her and next semester I'll be in the same cooking class with her. I also like El, she's beautiful, funny, smart, active, and we have similar interests. I have government, PE, and Bio II together. So this kid, I'll call him K, was with her sophomore year, and they broke up. Now they're back together this year. He also openly flirts with H. I hate him so much sometimes because I feel like he had his chance with El, and blew it. So why does he get another? Also he is kind of cock-blocking me with H. I would have made a move on H sense she's open, but I'm very embarrassed and he won't ever leave us alone together. I think he knows what he's doing. How do I get over my jealousy and shyness and just ask one of them out? It's also kind of stupid, because my reality check comments tell me I'm pretty hot, and if that's so, I'm definitely more attractive then him. How the f*** is he doing this? I don't want to be a player, but I want to be desirable. There is a freshman though that likes me (I think so because she said I was hot and asked if I had a girlfriend, and just calls me sexy, not my name.) Should I start flirting with her in front of either of my crushes to see if they get jealous?


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  • Sup dude. Couple of things.

    First off, props on being in an ACT prep class and AP bio. Shit pays off.

    Secondly, your codenames make me a bit sad. From now on, El is Foxy Cleopatra, H is Broomhilda, and K is Marcellus Wallace. Spice it up a bit.

    Now, it's nice that people have complemented your appearance. Use that to help build your self-confidence. Just make sure you don't get arrogant or cocky about it. Or do, depending on the girl(s) (it's high school, some of them are into that). Also wouldn't just assume you're more attractive than Marcellus Wallace; the complementers only said shit about you, they didn't compare yall since they don't know what Marcellus Wallace looks like. Does he look like a bitch?

    The freshman chick is definitely into you, wouldn't try to run the flirt with her in front of them deal as in my experience it's not that effective. Maybe I sucked at it though idk.

    As for getting over your jealousy and shyness and all, here's the best advice (imo) any high schooler can have: In a few short years, pretty much nothing you did in high school will matter that much to you except what you didn't do. Same principal applies to life really, and it's always hard to realize it until it's passed by. But once you hit college, you will give exactly 0 f***s (flying or otherwise) about the time you decided to nut up and ask Broomhilda out and she rejected you (not saying that'll happen). You will, however, still regret not knowing what would have happened. So go Nike on life. And don't waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're behind, sometimes you're ahead; the race is long, and in the end it's only with yourself. (came from a great song).

    tl;dr Pretend Marcellus Wallace doesn't exist, nut up and go after Hildy, don't try and play mind-games with a fish.

    • XD, that made me laugh pretty hard, thanks. I understand what your saying about not getting cocky and I'm generally good about that. I try to focus more on brains then looks (not saying they don't matter to me.) What you said about how I won't give any kind of f*** after I leave high-school put my situation in perspective. And I'm sort of turned off on relationships now because my parents are talking about non-legally separating, so I guess it's not the end off the world. Thanks for putting tha

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