Is he wanting me to take the initiative?

So are these examples indications that he wants me to take the lead?

He told me he wanted to come over to my house more often but he never made a move to do so. He texts me one day just chit chat, and finally I said when do you want to come over? And he said how about tonight or tomorrow night?

The second time he bought me a fishnet dress but again never made the move to come over. So I said " I want you to see me in the fishnet dress sometime"

And after I said that he said "how about tomorrow night?"

Is he just not into me and trying to appease me or is he trying to get me to take the initiative

Im not understanding why he didn't just text me and say can I come over or do you want to do something.

Dating for 5 months


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you can rule out that he isn't in to you! The question is why would he hold back when he is into you. I imagine some people feel it would rude to invite themselves over. Likewise he might feel he is going to far to ask to see you in the dress. That probably doesn't make a lot of sense, I realize. At the very least he should invite you out on occasion. If you're comfortable taking the lead, go for it. He certainly doesn't mind and may even prefer this.


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  • As I told you before, you have to ask him to come over. It's your house; thus, no decent guy will invite himself to your house. Stop hinting around (which never works) that you want him to come over, and directly ask him, do you want to come over to my house (insert time and date here)?

    And, of course, he likes you. He bought you a dress for God's sake.


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  • dating 5 months? you two had sex yet?


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