Question for the girls, do you trust your instincts?

Random question I know, but my instincts/intuition seem to always be right recently.

For example, there was no hint that things were bad between my boyfriend and I, but for weeks I couldn't shake the feeling that something was about to happen. And then, out of nowhere, he ended it with me.

A few days ago, while at work, I had this sudden feeling that he had met someone. I don't know why, and I had no way of knowing because I had stopped all contact with him. A few hours later I was told by family that he had a girlfriend. They've finished now, but it's still very strange.

Recently I bumped into a guy friend from my past. We haven't spoken in a long time as he was very disrespectful towards me. My mum was with me when I saw him, and I said to her that I had a feeling he'd try to contact me soon. I got an email from him yesterday.

When my first boyfriend left me I could not shake the feeling that there would be something more with him. This feeling lasted for more than a year, and it was driving me crazy. Then he suddenly came back into my life, told me he wanted me back and we spent weeks getting close again. Things got intimate between us. Then he left again. It wasn't a happy ending, but I was right that something more would happen.

And now I can't shake the feeling my last ex will come back too. But that remains to be seen. So how about you? Any stories like this?


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  • I do but never follow it


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