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It's amazing how many people go after another person when they're still with another one. Like for example I know somebody who got his girlriend pregnant a month ago and now he's out talking to other girls. Pathetic. Anyways There was one time I went to this club with a couple of my co workers who are about twice my age. (They told me there were people my age there) They lied lol. Oh well I was there for my 6 dollar steak. So I was at the bar getting my drink and it took a while cause I'm kind of shy, but anyways there was this guy and this girl there he bought her a drink and they looked like they had been talking for about 15 minutes cause I saw them when I first walked in and they were kissing. At one point I noticed the girl was all alone for about 10 minutes so I walked outside so I could cook my steak. (That's why it was cheap) and what do you know, here is the same guy talking to someone on the phone and calling her babe and everything like you would your girlfriend. All the while this girl probably thinks he's on a business call or something. Isn't that terrible? I was going to tell her but I didn't want to get into anyones problems. Anyways what's your story?


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  • i suspected he was because girls kept messagin me asking me who I was and why I was talking to a serial cheater so I set up a honey trap by messaging him through a fake profile and he told 'me' that he was single and meets up with swingers regularly and would 'i' like a 3some :l


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