Holiday attachment men help!

just been on a contiki tour. and I hit it off with one of the guys.

we slept together for about a week, and now the tour is over and I miss him.

I would like to message him and start something but I am only willing to do so if I know he likes me back as he is still travelling and lives in another state of my country.

does he like me

- slept with only me(kissed only me)

- his friends kept teasing him imitating love heart gestures

- one of his friends came up on several occasions and asked if I liked him ( I said yes)

- they were calling me mrs (insert his last name)

- when we were out he got jealous of other mens attention on me a couple of times

- we did not talk as much during the day mostly at night but he would still come up and talk to me every now and again

- he stole my hat and wore it for a day

- he would get me to look after his stuff when we were out

- he remebered details of what I said and wore days before

- he asked me about going to a post travel met up that might happen in 6 months.

etc etc

havent had any contact from him since tour ended several days ago except a couple of random flirty comments back on forth on fb which could mean nothing.

he also message me once after tour ended to see what I was doing that night but never mentioned meet me here only I'm going here ill try meet up with you later etc
I sent him a funny message and wished him well (did not ask a question) he replied in response to the joke then said "you better come over for a visit miss"(as in to his home town in another state of my country when he is finished with travels) then asked where I was on my travels.

i responded that he should come visit me on the way back home as I will be too poor to travel
his response back was Ha ha. Yeah I'll see how I'm going for coin. I'll be pretty broke by then I reckon.
we had a bit more of convo ( I started it he replied straight away) inside this convo he asked me if my friend was still in canada (male) as he is going to pass through his town and met up with him. [my canadian friend said he would put in a good word and suss it out for me]

what do you think


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  • Sounds to me like he was into you but MAY have dismissed it as a fling or is not willing to go long distance or something like that. However, he is still traveling so he may just be busy. You say "I would like to...start something but I am only willing to do so if I know he likes me back..." but that's always the Catch 22. You can't know that for certain unless he tells you and so you have to take that risk. Sounds promising, though, so I'd go for it.

    • Re. update: He wants you to visit? He totally likes you.

    • thats what I thought but then the off comment ill see how I go with money doesn't sound reassuring, and I haven't heard anything else from him.

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  • Hmm I'd say contact him here to know where you stand, the funny thing is he might be wondering why you haven't said anything too.o OR maybe he doesn't want anything serious...but have a reason for contacting him like asking for your hat back

    • yeah there's is no reason for me to contact him I have everything of mine, so there's nothing to tie. he's on fb a lot but on his mobile as I said he is still travelling. I kind of feel like if I send a hey how are you how's the travels going it will be obvious as hell, I just don't want to get turned away atm

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  • I think he does like you however I don't think he is looking for anything serious because like you said he is still travelling etckeep in touch and catch up with him when you get the chance because you never know what might come of it, however live year life and if you meet someone else in the meantime that would be ok.


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