Me and my ex back together?

Ok guys, so apparently my ex still likes. Me she told me today she missed me, so I asked her back out she said yea. I was wondering if there is anyway I can make sure to keep her with me this time?

It's not everyday someone gets a second chance at love!



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  • You are under 18 What in the F***would you know about love? If you want her back in your life then fine but you cannot keep a girl with you in a relationship by force if she wants out then let her go. What was the reason of breaking up in the first place ? I personally never go out nor keep in touch with girls that I have broken up with, that only proves to other women just how needy and desperate you really are. Forward NOT backwards cowboy!

    • I have an older sister who lets me in on stuff and can keep a relationship for 4 years and a older brother

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  • i'm sorry I don't mean to be rude but how old are you, you shouldn't be having many exes under the age of 18 lol.

    Also what happened between you two. I need more information there and just be yourself. Every girl doesn't want a fake boyfriend.


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  • What went wrong the first time that lead to the two of you breaking up? if what ever the reason was is something the two of you can deal with or work through than there is hope.


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