Is there a chance that we can sort this out and get back together?

We've been broken up a week tomorrow and I still feel as if we could've easily sorted out the issues that made us break up in the first place. I've told her that I'm taking pills for my ADD and this is causing me to get mood swings, she understands that this is why I might of been overly angry, but she says she's "not ready for a relationship yet" ... But I just don't get it, why:

---- 1) did she make me meet her parents only 2 weeks ago (bare in mind they saw me as a great guy), and I thought meeting parents was a significant showing of a SERIOUS relationship.

---- 2) did she say "I don't usually say this to anyone but I really really like you" and not think that this was the start of something serious?

----- 3) did she say that she loves me?,

Anyway, I still think we should be together, but I'm cutting contact with her to see if she'll contact me and we can start something a new.

What should I do ?


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  • There is always a chance.


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