Ex girlfriend deleted and blocked me on Facebook out of blue?

i haven't seen her for a month or so anyways , did message her about a month ago but yeah hadn't done anything to annoy her or exactly sure why she suddenly decided that we couldn't even be friends on Facebook . I just though it was really mean spirited to do this especially rate before the holidays . I'm really upset that she decided to do this but realize there isn't really anything I can do about it . so guess question is I'm I right to be upset ? would you say this was normal ex girlfriend behavior and is there anyway we can still be friends or is she trying to totally end things ?


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  • I agree with anon. There are bigger and better things...there could be a million reasons for her doing that, it's obviously not you. Time has it's way with things. Take it as a petty action and look forward.


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  • When the holidays actually roll around in a month, you'll probably have forgotten anyways. She's an ex for a reason; she's moved on and it's time for you to move on too. You might even have a new girlfriend by the holiday season anyways.

  • she's your ex. it's time to delete everything and move on

    • well I know we should be moving on but it seems so mean and rude doing this rate before the holidays I though people were suppose to be in a good mood , it just seems unnecessary as I hadn't been doing anything to bug her on the site

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