A guy that I've been seeing told me that he can't have a relationship right now?

I was dating this nice and caring guy for a bit over than a month. We shared great laughs, enjoyed each others' company, and joked around a lot. We texted each other everyday and chatted for the whole day, and we hung with each other quite a lot when we were dating.

The past week, he was acting a bit strange, stopped texting me saying hello, but always reply my messages when I texted him. He told me that work suddenly got really busy and he was a bit stressed out. Yesterday, we were in central park and saw he has my things with him that I left in his apartment, so I asked him what's going on. He told me that he isn't ready for relationship and I asked him if it's something that I did, he said no.

We were chatting a bit after. We both were terribly wounded from the past relationship. Both our exs moved on within a month and didn't really heard much from them at all. His situation was worse than me, his ex girlfriend of 8 years broke up with him and start dating someone one month after, which later become girlfriend and boyfriend. This really killed him, he had anxiety attacks for quiet sometimes after the break up.

On top of that, his work load currently increased a lot and his grandma just recently diagnosed with cancer. She is not doing so well and his mom keeps calling him about this matter... so he is not in such a great place in life right now.

After I got home, I sent him a fb message telling him that I wasn't lying when I said that I like him, I enjoyed his company, and the good times that we shared. I also said that I don't blame from for what he is going through because I went through the same thing.

He wrote me back shortly after and said that he likes me a lot as well. He truly enjoyed our time together and he felt really bad and sad that he has to end things. He thought he was ready for something new, yet it's different from he imagined. He felt bad that he didn't feel that he couldn't have a relationship before. Then, he wishes me that I could find someone that I can be happy with and maybe we can be friend later on the future.

I really like this guy. He is the first guy that I felt truly happy with and who I have no complains about him. He made me really happy when we were together and I'm really sad that things had to end this way.

Do you think there is a chance... let's say if we are both single in the near future, is there a chance that we can be together? We are still FB friends.

Sigh. Please help! Thanks!


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  • Yes, there is always a chance, things are not always as they seem. Do not take it personally, he is perhaps emotionally unavailable like myself. Do what's best for you, that is all.

    • I guess. I really liked him. We made each other very happy. Honestly, he was the first guy who made me this comfortable to be with.

    • There can always be a chance, I think he is busy and his Gma is sick. Give it time.

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  • Say you two got married in the future. So know it's not worth it to rush, just relaaaaxxx, enjoy liiiifeeee, take it slooooowwww, and distract yourself with learning guitar or somethin. Thinking about BOYS is draining lol.


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