I can't get him out of my mind. He takes my breath away.

I've been involved with this man for 4 months. We work together on overlapping shifts so we see each other for about 3 hours each night. We have only been able to get together outside of work 7 times. When we are together it's very intense, passionate. We fit together in a way that words can't express. He says I make him crazy every time he sees me. I tell him he's sexy and beautiful. He says he doesn't cuddle, never has, but he lays with me a little longer each time allowing me to hold him and touch him. I think he's opening up the cuddling thing. At work when we talk we stand about 3 feet away from each other, there is such a strong magnetic pull between us that I think if we got any closer it would push back and knock us both off our feet. We always have strong eye contact and I can see he starts breathing just as heavy as I do. I'm sure he doesn't see anyone else, and I don't. He doesn't see me every weekend. I think he intentionally builds up the desire so the want is so much stronger when we are together. He watches me when he thinks I can't see him, but he also watches me when he knows I can see him. He takes my breath away. Please tell me this isn't just lust. He works 2nd shift and I work 3rd shift. He lives 30 minutes away. He is very shy by nature, he had one long relationship a long time ago that broke him. He said not to worry, “IT” is there, he told me he takes time. He always asks me something about me. Sometimes something big, sometimes something small, but he always wants to know something new.


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  • There are no question makes in this paragraph, but there are a few that I have. Is he in a relationship? Reason I ask is because people often use this super intense language when they are. Also who calls the shots in this relationship? It sounds to me like he decides when you'll meet, when he'll leave etc ect. There are big caution signs all over what you're right, and not in a good way.

    • No, he is not in a relationship. He is the type of guy that most women see as just a friend. He still blushes sometimes when I talk with him and complement him. He is not the type of guy that goes around hitting on women. He is very guarded and sensitive. Don't take this wrong, he moved back into his parents home to help them, they are elderly and ill. There isn't much available time for privacy. The question that I didn't word properly is, does this seem like it is just lust?

    • Oh okay, then sounds good to me. It sounds to me like it could be more then just lust. If you care about each other and enjoy hanging out ouside the bedroom then it's more then lust.

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  • I'm not sure what your question is, but it sure sounds good from your point of view. I say just let it grow into what ever it grows into. Don't rush it, don't try to repel it, just let it grow. It sounds like you 2 have a great foundation being built right now, just nurture it and enjoy!

    I hope it all works out for you two! :)


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  • I'm not quite sure your question, but nice I like it. he seems like a wise man who knows not to rush into things. Good for you and keep at it!

    • I guess I am wondering if this just sounds like lust and only lust.

    • Oh okay. It is hard to tell indeed. Especially for us way over here on the internet ( sorry that was sarcastic/funny/just having fun).

      Well I can tell you that I had this for a guy once, fell head over heels and it was lust/infatuation for a grand total of six years. Twas fun but a lot of pain involved...but like I said I am just way over here, a stranger so I cannot tell you about yours...What else...if you see ANY red flag just get out immediately. You know that by now I am sure...

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