I'm still a bit hung up about my ex. This is a year later! Anyone feel/felt the same?

I'm still a bit hung up about my EX. This is a year later! Anyone feel/felt the same?

How did you move past it? OR how are going planning to move past it?

I think my problem is occasionally checking is social networks.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah it is normal and yes social networking sites are one of the biggest reasons. One of my boyfriends I would be checking on his Facebook for an entire year, how ridiculous was I? Then I got another boyfriend. We broke up and I instantly deleted him. Best thing I ever did.

    Now to move past it. I'm presuming you are single. I don't think you're missing him, but the idea of him. I thought about my ex day and night for a year, not because I loved him particularly but because I wanted the love. As soon as I got a new boyfriend...guess what, he disappeared from my mind completely and I never thought about him again. You need a new love interest.

    • I think this answer deserves best answer! :) no joke for real.

    • You're right! It's not him at all that I miss but the IDEA of him! This is true for sure. I miss having a good relationship. Not him.

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What Guys Said 1

  • It's perfectly fine. I think right now you may miss having him or somewhere there for you but don't rush into something your not ready for. I made that mistake thinking it would fix me but it just made things worse

    • So you rushed into a new relationship/relation and it did not make you feel better/made you forget about your ex?

      Please enlighten me, thanks

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    • Thank you. I really think you can find better. She doesn't sound nice :(

      Please take care.

    • Yeah I am not sure though, I feel like I should be alone and try to figure something out but I also know how miserable I feel when I am alone.

      Thanks, and please don't get involved with someone soon because it will hurt even worse.

What Girls Said 2

  • I've felt this way and LOL I've ALSO checked out their Facebooks (even after unfriending them). It's normal. Don't be too hard on yourself. You WILL meet someone new & you will get over this. Some breakups take longer then others. Just hang in there, the worst is over.

  • LOL try an ex that still loves you-and you him --15 years later ! If it was real love it isn't going to go away. But thankfully that usually only happens once in a lifetime.


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