Should I get over it? can't decide for myself

Me and my girlfriend were together for one and a half years. We saw each other like all the time and we had our ups and downs like every relationship. Although the ups were so good but the downs were awful. She was a bit psychotic about other girls hence the reason I broke up with her. We had to move out of my flat and I had to move back to my mums, who hates my ex girlfriend and didn't like her much at the time of our relationship. So my girlfriend at the time would of been too scared to come round. We didn't have sex for over a month in that breakup and had no contact for three weeks. After having intercourse with two girls I realized I missed my ex and her body and sex was much better. Plus I actually liked being with her. I selfishly tried to meet up with her and she wanted too see me and said she loved and missed me. The next night I found out she had slept with someone. We weren't going out but I felt so betrayed. I didn't find out then though. She was supposed to come see me on the Monday. The day after she slept with this boy, who I have seen out and is friends of a friend,she said she couldn't see me she loved me too much and it would over complicate things. Little did I know at the time she had a cheap one night stand before. Three more weeks pass of no contact and I manage to have sex with another girl. Totalling 3 after the break up. Out of the blue my ex texted me one day after 3 weeks of no contact saying she was near and to come collect her and stay at hers. we do it, have the best sex ever and I leave early the next day and don't contact her for a week. I get bored and contact her a week later to meet again. I admit it was for sex but I did miss her as well. After we meet up the day after I decide to interrogate her about other guys. I then find out about this one night stand and I was devastated. Depressed for a week and full of rage and disgust. I couldn't believe someone I spent so much time with could give their body away so easily. Another week went on and I try see past it to continue seeing her the fact I slept with three girls. It does help and because she loves me she's still seeing me after what I did. Most the time I'm OK but sometimes I get images of what she did and it really hurts me. Can I use the fact I slept with three girls to push the image out of my head? what would you do in my situation if you loved the girl but hate the fact at what she did? what would you be feeling? and do I look stupid for going back to her?


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  • And how do you think she would feel, if she found out you had slept with 3 girls?!

    Im afraid even though you feel like you do about what she did, you are being a hypocrite. yes maybe she did give herself away too easily and cheaply, but so did you. You can't say anything to this girl.

    You clearly still have feelings for each other and what has happened is there has been miscommunication in the relationship which has led to a premature break up. Your feelings are still there and you have hurt each other.

    To be honest I'm not sure there is a way back for either of you from this, the damage is done, It would be best now for both of you to go no contact and begin to move on. This is not healthy for either of you. Your games are just damaging each other more.

    • she found out and was really really hurt.

      she often reminds me about it, where as I never want to talk about what she did.

      do you feel its easier for girls to not care as much about this kind of stuff? you know, like with a mans pride and such. The sex is too good to just walk away though. We get along now better than we ever did before, which is very weird. I wish I could grow up and just forget these images. I try to think about all the times I slept around during the break up to feel better.

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  • you posted this a couple of weeks ago if I'm not mistaken,how dare you EVEN worry about who she sleeps with,you freakin dumped her and threw her to the wolves, and you slept with countless wonder she was how she was about other women..u don't think you do anything wrong when you are out having multiple partners but judge her?u have a terrible double standard

    • yeah but when a girl says she loves you then does that its much different I think

      i dunno, maybe its mysogonistic of me if that's how you spell

      but its worse when a girl gets pumped with dick , much worse

    • wrong...the dick that's pumping girls is stop trying to make it like its worse for women..old school twisted mentality..did you tell her you loved her? then why is it OK for you to do other women but you are no ho? grow up

  • idk

  • I feel like you're using those three girls who you slept with as a distraction from her. You miss the good times that you had, you miss her, and it's pretty obvious that you also miss the sex. If you want my opinion, I think that this is more like a fuck buddy sort of relationship. And I honestly don't think she loves you either (if she did, she wouldn't be sleeping with those guys). This is just my opinion but it's okay if you think differently. You guys should sit down with each other and just talk. Ask her why she's sleeping with those guys and ask if she really does love you. No sex this time, just talking.

    • she only slept with one guy and cried after apparently. I wouldn't care anyway she's a slut. I do have feelings for her. but yeah not true love..

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    • question asker is calling her a slut? are you effen kidding me,how many girls have you had sex with since the breakup? you are the slut not her.she owes you nothing!

    • anon user is clearly an idiot

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  • I've decided based on the last sentence and your title that you should just get over it. I am not going to read the main paragraph because "Should I go back?" and "I am not sure it's best" general equate "F***. NO."

    • u didn't even read my question lol , I don't get your response exactly...

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    • no ill just use her for sex. but its hard cos we still speak every day.

      obviously if I hadn't slept with 3 women I would never ever go back, not even for sex. id feel properly emasculated and pathetic for not doing anything myself during the break up

    • I don't know why I'm not disgusted by you. You sound like a horrible and senseless person but at the same time this also sounds so ... forced and cliche. I really need to stop killing my time here. Beyond that, so you have to talk to a woman you'll use for sex who upsets you because she had a one-night stand after you broke up with her which makes you out to be a highly possessive a**hole who thinks he must sleep with other women during break-ups he initiates. Teenage drama.

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