My ex who dumped me is giving me Extreme mixed signals

so my ex girlfriend who dumped me, about 2 or 3 months ago, basically left me for another man, she was rude and mean and cruel, I was hurt, anyways, I've tried to do no contact, but she's messaged me every week at least once since she dumped me, saying she made mistake and she misses me and what not, I slept at her house 3 times since then too, but every time I went back she would be cold and keep things strictly relationship topic free.

well now a few days ago I said to her should I just move on then? because I was wanting to get back together, she said you really want this? I said yes, I just wanted you to fix your mistake, she said she was crying at work. then we were suppost to go hang out but that got cancelled, and she sent me a text saying, I'm coming to the conclusion that YOU are the one, I just need time to figure my shit out, you don't have to wait:: and I said some crap back and that's basically where we left off, I'm very confuesed and I'm frustrated because she likes to play the ignore game, I also talked to her on the phone after and called her out on her ignoring me, she made up all these excuses, then finally she new I new she was lying , so she started appologizing, I now Haven't talked to her for two days.

its stupid really, things were going to well before she had her primate moment, just up and kicks me and my daughter to the curb, drops her kid off at her dads house and she runs off with the new guy, and goes cold mean and kinda crazy , I really don't understand why she's putting us threw all this BS when it could be such an easy fix and just surrender and admit she F ed up, but no, for some reason this is getting dragged on and I can't take it , TIME TO GO FULL NC

but can anyone tell me what her intentions might possibly be, thanks


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  • she obviously had an issue with settling down and having a family like relationship if you both have kids, she probably thinks she's too young and needs to go out with other girls first to make sure she's not going to miss out on anything. or if you're older than 18-24 she's probably having a midlife crisis

    either way its not cool because she's only keeping in contact and pawing with your feelings to keep you as her bit on the side in case it doesn't work out with the new guy

    • that could possibly be the case were both 24, and I'm pretty sure she dumped me because a lot of her friends were moving on and getting new bfs at the time, kinda sad and pathetic, I was really good to her too, she must have just felt left behind so she had to do it, well I'm the one who got left behind, all I can do is just be successful, she will see what she lost, it still hurts bad though

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  • Forget about her man. She's just playing with you. Her leaving with another guy and coming back to you, just means that she wants you as a safety net in case the thing with the other guy doesn't work out. Someone who really loves you wouldn't mess with your feelings.

    Go Full NC, but not to get her back. Do it so you can get away from this exhausting relationship, heal and move on. Everyone deserves an honest and healthy relationship, and this is clearly not it. Stop chasing trash when you deserve better man.


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