Is he playing me and should I get over him?

So me and this guy were dating. He broke up with me because " I didn't tell my parents" . I was pissed as hell at him and didn't talk to him for the rest of the week. Then a couple of days later after a band completion he told me he still loved me and never wanted to brake up and he said the real reason he broke up with me is because my friends kept on interfering and he didn't get to spend any time with me, also he didn't want to get in the way of me and my friends. He said he wanted to get back together and I was like "not now. I can't right now". He said "I don't think I can wait that long though". I felt like he didn't really love me in the first place when he said that to me. I decided a couple of days later to take him back and try again. Then when I went back to ask him he told me "Uhhhh, I sorta found another girl, like I told you I didn't want to wait that long" and I was like "oh huh, uh OK. BYE!" and he said "no wait not just bye" and I said "yes bye". And I walked away (really fast). I asked his older brother who she was and he said "so-and-so" and I was like "I knew it". I cried when I got home. The next week I confronted my ex about her (just me being thirsty and jealous) and he said he lied to his brother about who he liked now. He wouldn't tell me. I told him to stop lying to me and fess up and since he still liked me as a good friend and didn't want to make me mad he...still didn't tell me. I got ad about him lying to me and he tried to explain how he's not a lier. (like how can you like a chick who doesn't go to our school and who only likes you as a friend). He got jealous when he thought my friend (lets call him Adrian) was my new boyfriend and he likes someone else. No. Then "Adrian" told me he has no right to be jealous since he made his choice to brake up with me. I hate my ex for making me feel sad, jealous, and angry all at the same time but I keep forgiving him and I sorta want him back now but people tell me I can do better. Please help me. Is my ex toying with me, is he over me or should I just move on and either stop talking to him, or tell him what's up?


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  • time to move on...


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