How can I stop crushing on my coworker?

I am trying not to think of him in that way but damn. He just makes me feel really happy inside.

He is such a gentleman. he's really nice, smart, funny, and handsome and really respectful. A lot of people at our store date each other but they work in different departments. We work In the same department. I'm new so he always helps me if we work at the same time.

every time I'm near him, I feel a weird knot in my stomach and my throat. Last time we were alone in the warehouse together and I felt so weird being so close to him. Or he puts his hand on my back when we walk somewhere. Since the first day, he always got kind of close to me. And he picks on me sometimes but that's how everyone gets along there.

I don't think he's interested in me though. he's just a friendly guy. I catch him looking at me sometimes or he always comes over to where I'm standing to help me, even if I don't need help. I know this is probably because I'm new. I think everyone probably worries that I'm going to screw up so I don't think much of It.

I just feel weird though. I don't treat him any differently, I don't stare at him from afar, he's not a distraction, I don't flirt (I don't know how), etc. We're all on friendly terms. Nothing that will make things awkward.

I just feel so weird inside. How can I make it stop? I don't think it can work between us, other than because we work closely together. I have no social life, I'm nerdy, I don't like his music, I'm inexperienced (in dating and all that junk), and he's 5 years older than me, and probably has lots of friends and has things going on. And I'm kind of lame and boring. I live at home, I'm still in college, I'm quiet and introverted. I'm not that bad but I feel like I'm not good enough for him.

But ahhh! It shouldn't matter. I shouldn't even see him this way. How can I stop feeling this way?


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  • LMFAO ... Oposites attract LOL ... My wife to be is prime and proper suit jacket at work type of lady whom is definitely a nerd and I love her dearly ... I'm more of the outgoing tattooed biker type and we are the perfect match! ... Never let the knot in your stomache go away. You catch him looking your way, he likes helping you, he touches the small of your back while walking, he even teases you ... I kinda think he has a like on you as well

    Just my thought !

    • I wish he did. That would be nice. But idk. I feel like I annoy him sometimes with all my questions. I don't just ask him though, I ask everyone. I just don't want to mess up. I try not to bother him so much but when he comes to me, I ask him so many questions.

      But the knot makes me feel weird. I shouldn't feel like this.

      Well, I guess I always did want an outgoing guy. Theyre kind of fun sometimes. :D

    • Go with it ... If he thought you annoyed him he would not come to you ! ... as long as he does not leave in the middle of your question asking and is willing to answer your questions your good to go !

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  • I feel for you. I have the same problem where I work. Damn it women! Stop being so nice, good looking, funny, smart and charming when we're at work!

    • Haha men too!

      Sometimes I wish I was asexual, then I wouldn't have to worry about feeling things for anyone. :D

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