Why did he feel the need to insult me so cruelly while dumping me?

Did he already feel rejected by me and like he had to do it?

He was far too busy for a relationship and we were both going through a lot. Him, a loss of a friend and the rest of his friends off to college, and me, family problems and application stress. I can understand and accept the break up, but not the harsh insults.

He said I never cared about him or his feelings in the relationship, and that I never respected his time or saw his depression. He said I had no real friends and I need him to give me the attention my parents don't. He called me a spoiled brat, and yelled at me for complimenting him and telling him the compliments others gave him. He was so mean, all I did was love him. Why would he say what he did?

Here's a run threw of our break up:

Monday: He called me last minute to cancel for work, I cried, he called me a bitch and said he knew I was crying, then insulted me some more. I said "I loved him" past tense. He came over, I tried to break up with him. He told me how awful I was and how I needed to change, we got back together.

Friday: He yelled at me, dumped me at home, wouldn't say goodbye, because I yelled "No!" when he was threatening rat tails

Sunday: I let it slip that he scared and intimidated me and wanted to keep things more casual.

Monday: Came over, upset, cried over his dead friend, I comforted him and he wanted a one month break.

Saturday: (after I texted him for clarification Thurs.) Apologized for confusing me and said the only reason we were together is because his friends were gone. I still rushed over (he seemed suicidal) and comforted him. We slept together, decided to try again.

Tues: Messed up and told him about a problem in my life (not supposed to do that) he flipped out.

Friday: Asked if I could still plan on seeing him, he attacked me through text. He said I only made his depression worse.

That was two weeks ago, we haven't talked since.


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  • Maybe it's a good thing you two haven't talked since.

    He sounds VERY unstable. If anyone seems needy, it's him.

    This guy just needs to morn the loss of his friend and you need to find someone that won't insult you. Drop him please.

    Good Luck!


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