How do I mend things?

I got mad at my sister for hanging out with my ex that cheated on me. Her husband is friends with him so she still talks to him as well. I have come to the conclusion that they aren't going to stop talking to him. He has a new girlfriend and I feel bad knowing that he will do the same to her. I haven't told my dad or any of my family that he cheated on me. They know I broke up with him but I have another sister that wanted to know what happened. She's younger than me and I feel that she got cheated on her last relationship too. Sh hasn't dated for a long time. For now it seems I'm keeping the dirty laundry between just my sister ,mom and brother in law.


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  • You can't really expect them to end their friendship just because he cheated on you. Yeah, people make mistakes and that sucks but he's their friend too and we should still stick by our friends who make bad choices.

    It's not a for sure thing he will cheat on the new girlfriend. People are different with different people.

    Who are you trying to mend things with?

    Cheating isn't such an uncommon thing anymore that you would really need to hide it from your dad and sister. You mom probably told your dad anyway if they're together.


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