Girls, if a man doesn't make early moves do you lose interest in him?

I've always struggled with this and for some reason, I can't pretend to be one of those players types that get with many women. It doesn't come out naturally in me. It's like I wasn't born to be a manwhore. Not sure if I'm one of the few man like that.

I'm now 26 years old and I feel this is about one of my few chances. I've been going out with my girlfriend for about 3 weeks now. She did commented on how sweet it was that I'm taking my time. I like her a lot but she has lately asked about my past relationship. I know she's had several bfs and a couple of FTB (she told me this herself). I just said I had a couple of gfs but I have a feeling she already kind of suspects it because she smiled afterward and said ''Quite reserved aren't you'' and again smiled.

I'm kind of nervous. I like her a lot that I don't want to mess it up. Another thing I'm concern is how would she react when we move past making-out and to the other things and figures out the real reason I haven't push for sex or even close to it? And she figures out I've lied about the couple gfs part.

She seems like smart and very experienced. I think if I were 18-20 years old then, I would tell her the truth but I'm older and she's 25. Not sure if she'll take that as a good news, that I'm a total newbie to practically everything, except making out.


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  • No, it doesn't make me lose interest. I'm 29and was a virgin when I met my BF... he is a few years younger than me. We didn't even hold hands until we were going out for a month and a half. He was very respectful of me...and he never ever pushed anything sexual. He told me that he wouldn't mind if we never had sex because he loves me...

    When I was ready (I grew up very opposite of him...he lost his virginity at 16 to a one night stand and has had many partners)...about 8.5 months into the relationship I let him know. I think it was best we established our relationship before getting the mixed feelings of sex get in the way. But now that I gave him a pass...he can't keep his hands off me...But I made sure he wanted to be commited to me first...I don't like the idea of sleeping with lots of different men...he is my one and only...we plan on getting married and we talked about it even before doing anything physical.

    Answer mine please?



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  • Seriously, these guys are close to nonexistent. We need more men like these. If that was me, I wouldn't mind. I've only been with one man in my life and never was interested in sleeping around. Too bad society still encourages men to sow their oats. I would be great to find more that don't.

  • Have you ever thought of telling her everything you just told us? Pretending to be something you're not is a sure-fire relationship killer.

  • I wouldn't lose interest, just be honest with her why your that way. You also seem respectful and to me that's an advantage. I hope most guys are like you :)

  • yeah because I figure he's not that into me

    • That would suck if she assumes this. I like her a lot and there were times, I kept telling myself ''I'm ready, OK will do something more'' and then I got kind of nervous again and continue just making out. I guess it's bad when we lack experience. She's going to figure out when the time comes and that's not I'm concern about. I don't want to disappoint her.

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    • Yes, I'm still one and I think she's going to figure this out either way. I just hope she doesn't stop liking me.

    • You got to start sometime. You're putting pressure on yourself and making it harder on yourself. It's not a big thing. Just slowly escalate.

  • I would think we do


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