Remembering my ex all over again, help please.

I had a nasty break up with my boyfriend around 8 months ago.. however I got over it and I was totally fine for 3 months and even had a huge crush on a guy.. But then now its my holidays.. and I feel all lonely.. and I can't help but think about my boyfriend.. and I can feel the pain all over again..

i don't talk to him anymore Because his family got involved and I was possessive.. that's why we broke up.. I have been crying over him.. missing him.. I don't wanna.. I was fine all this while.. why is this happening now.. he tells people he hates me and is flirting with every girl and they all tell me how creepy he has become..

Please help.. why am I remembering him all of a sudden?


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  • "why am I remembering him all of a sudden?"

    Because you deep down love him, it hurts because you are trying to forget something that meant something to you, it's contradictive, either it meant something or it diden't, how do you feel about him?

    • I don't know.. you see.. I have nothing to do now.. I'm always bored.. and so maybe these thoughts haunt me.. because maybe I miss having someone always there.. the guy is gone.. I just.. it hurts. All this while I used to keep seeing him at school an I was totally over him.. now I can't help but remember our old memories.. he is a different person now.. his parents have him against me

What Girls Said 1

  • Your not possive your in love and when we love someone especially us girls we can get attached...sorry about the break will find another trust me your young. Just make sure that you find someone who will treat you good! HUGS!


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