Ex texting again all of the sudden, what does he want?

I broke off a relationship with my ex about a year and a half ago. ( he wanted to get married, I did not.) There is a 12 year difference in age. I was 22 and he was 34 when we met. We dated and lived together for about two years. As the relationship progressed, I realized I was not ready for the sort of commitment he wanted. To make a long story short, we stayed in touch the first year of our break up (texting each other every day throughout the day for a year straight) we only saw each other a few times, but we never really broke off the emotional ties. About 6 months ago I texted him telling him that I was tired of just being " texting buddies" he would text me every morning with good morning sunshine and at night to wish me good night and sweet dreams ( I know weird) I came to the conclusion that it was neither normal nor healthy to have this sort of relationship with your ex, especially because I was being deeply hurt by what I thought were mixed signals from his part . I also told him that we either had to stop talking or try to work things out. his response was that he was confused and did not want to text about it. Never did he try contacting me again after that, until about a week ago. Six months later he decides to start texting me again... I still love him and I do not know what to do or what to think ? I am tired of always being the one opening up ... what should I do? I am ready to make a commitment to him but I am not sure that is what he wants... MEN are SO complicated :) if he knows I still want to make it work why is he contacting me if that is not what he wants? (btw his family is not too fond of me for leaving him


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  • A) he still really loves you but there is a part of him that really hates you for doing what you did and he is having a hard time trusting anything you say.

    B) you also sent him mixed signals with certain things you said. Ie I am really tired of texting

    C) I am betting the 6 month lag was him dating other people, and he didn't want to text anymore because he had other fish to fry. Now that those fish fried he is coming back to you, the one he really cared about.

    If you really want to work it out stop texting him and go out for coffee and talk.be open and honest about your feelings and tell him you are truly very sorry for putting his heart through the meat grinder. Let him know that you acknowledge he is most likely having trust issues with you and you want the chance to make it up to him as you realize now he is your soul mate. Promise him you will never ever do anything to harm him again.

    Tell him you were an idiot and he was always the only one for you.

    I am very sure you will see a huge smile on his face


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  • Sex, They always want sex.


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