My long distance ex basically said it's hard to talk to me?

We dated 9 months, all of which was long distance and we didn't even get to meet. At the end it got to where him and I were not talking a lot, we were both busy. So I initiated the breakup and we mutually decided that wed be friends... and he said until we live closer or in the future when we can try this again..

We lapsed a lot, went back to our routine of falling asleep over the phone together.. and saying I love you.. cause we both still did love eachother..

But recently I kinda flipped out on him about the situation.. here we are almost two years later, still Haven't met, had a bunch of random times when we would talk and it seemed like we were together, then randomly a gap and we wouldn't talk.. he claims we are friends or whatever but yet we never talk...

When I flipped out, I was basically just saying how unhealthy it is.. cause I seriously don't know how to move on. so he said this stuff..

I was fuckin driving! Are you kidding!? And no I haven't moved on, and no we're not together but oh well you can still talk to me!

No Chelsie because I know what your doing and it's not cool.

Trying to make me feel like shit, so I break and start talking to you non stop

You think I don't know this! Every time I talk to you I wish I could be with you'! That's why I don't talk to you. Until I'm actually aloud to leave ill talk to you.

Its just like wtfff... I don't even know? Wtf does he mean I'm trying to make him feel like shit so he will break and talk to me non stop..

and just wtf? What do you think of this?

Big mess.

But I DO Love him, even still... I've dated other people since him but I don't know I always go back to him somehow...


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What Guys Said 1

  • What's unhealthy is that you think you're "dating" a guy you've never even met.

    • Were dating. Not are dating currently. Don't see what's unhealthy about it.. I know plenty of people that do it.

    • I see plenty of people binge drink, take drugs etc. Just because you see a lot of people doesn't make it healthy. You should date someone close by. Long distance leads to these kinds of arguments As well, in person you might not feel the same towards him.

What Girls Said 1

  • look , being in a long distance relationship is a normal thing , I've been there and we were quite happy , but the thing is once stress and pressure comes between you , things can go real bad , and the bad thing is that cutting connection is so easy when you on a ldr , I suggest that you talk few days not talking and then you contact him saying that you are sorry for this misunderstanding m and tell him that you guys have to talk


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