Got back with my ex, need some outside info on what's going on.

Ok so I got back with my ex we had a big fight. Nobody hit anyone just a emotional hurt on both side. After being split up for two months we started hanging out as friend...then after a few daya of that we had sex and a week after we got back together. She said ahe still has a trust issue...yet after dating for 3 weeks I've slept in the same bed with her damn near every night. She gave me the key to the apprtment back. Even says she loves me everyday. Yet we haven't had sex yet. Its been a month I'm turing blue down there lmao. I love her and want to make love. It just seems weird we had sex when we where apart but not when we are back together. Just wondering whatthe real reason is. She says it's not right for the relationship. Women confuse me. Just seems like she's trying to be controlling. A

I just don't know what to do here. Advice?


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  • its a game, and called taking it slow I'm thinking she's worried you may be after sex I guess she's taking it back to the beginning of the relationship I've done that. I think ask her at the right time and respond with acceptance otherwise it might cause problems.

    would you be able to help me with my question I just posted here is the link link thanks


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  • no , it is normal , she is still scaref of you , she doesn't trust you as much as she did before , she is afraid that all you want is sex , and maybe she is trying to get the same feelings she had for you before

    • Maybe your right instead of looking at it as fixed old relationship. Think of this as a new one?

    • i would do the same thing , I will have to trust you and be emotionally involved 100% till I sleep with ypu

  • My advice: ask her. If she says she still has trust issues, ask her if you can do anything about it. Or, don't ask her, because the answer will quite likely be no. The only thing you can do is be nice and wait, but don't wait too long. Because most of the time when people say they need time what they really mean is they don't want you anymore and are scared to admit it to themselves/you.

  • Uh first you are not in love. You are in lust hence all the sex. Well sex that you were having but has now stopped. More proof it's lust. Sex is very important in a relationship but you guys have shitty communication with each other, it's all based on the physical. A woman who has trust issues and needs to keep tabs on him isn't in love. She's insecure.

    This is your relationship I don't think it will change. You need to decide if you want to stay or go.

    • If it was just lust or wanting just sex I would have left already.

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    • The fact that you've already broken up once is a symptom of a bad relationship.

    • We'll see about that. But anyway thanks for your attempt at help

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