What should I do?

Ok. This may be long. There is this guy. I jut met him at the beginning of this school year. He had a girlfriend. He tried to get me to makeout with him. I said no. Now him and his girlfriend are no longer together. Not because of that while incident. It's been a few weeks. He told me yesterday that he had feelings for m and that he wants to take me on a date. Today he kissed me. I pushed him off. He called me later and told me that his ex wanted to see him after school. So he went to her house. And then he said he kissed her and that he still loves her. What should I do?

Also, just fwi, me and him have become pretty close. I'm a freshman he's a junior.


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  • Wait a while and don't fall for everythhing he says or he's going to end up fooling you and making you things you don't useally do. So if anything don't listen to him just yet, let sometime pass by until you go anything more with him.


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