Does this mean they're back together?

I've been hard core stalking this guy and he used to text me everyday for like a week. He and his girlfriend broke up earlier this year. When they were together, her gay best friend would like everything my guy would put on Facebook. He stopped for awhile, but now he just liked his status about going home for Thanksgiving break. What do you think? Are they back together? They broke up because the girl said she didn't have time for a relationship apparently. But this guy is so great, I don't know how you couldn't make time for him.


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  • you seriously can't know that based on her gay best friend liking that guy's status

    • Well why else would he like it, the gay guy and the girl are roommates

    • do you like people's Facebook updates only if it something important in regards to you or you friends? I'm just saying that a simple 'like' on his status absolutely doesn't have to mean they're back together

    • true. I just feel like its a bad sign

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