Is it really over? (mixed signals from an already confusing person)

My boyfriend and I were together for two years. We were very close best friends in the months leading up to our relationship, even this cat-and-mouse friends with benefits, but eventually we took on a stable, living together, raising a child together relationship.

We both had major trust issues, seeing as we were both young and divorced, with our counterparts cheating.

We have pretty much spent the last two years isolating ourselves to just each other, with the exceptions of our jobs.

Well, things have been tense. Lots of work drama between the two of us, I work with all females and they nagged about my boyfriend (not going all our for our anniversary, being late to bring me lunch, sleeping in and ignoring me when I needed certain things done, etc.) Needless to say there was a lot of fighting, and both of us being in our early 20's raising a three year old can be a handful.

Anyways, I felt he was being too friendly with WAY too many girls, as he is very socialable when it comes to females. So, I initiated a discussion about it which in turn lead to a huge argument with me yelling that I couldn't do this anymore. and thus, a break up happened.

We took about a week of space and he came back, that same day we got in a spat over something stupid. (the house wasn't spotless when he came back from a practical week long vacation with his family babying him) so it escalated and we both ended up saying a lot of things we didn't mean.

He didn't come home, he went back. He told me it was over this time and it wasn't going to work. He was done with me, deleted and blocked me on Facebook... Needless to say he started coming around for our daughter. (shes not biologically his but he has been there since she was an infant)

WELL. then he was coming around even when she was asleep, to watch our shows from when we were a couple. (Walking dead, etc.)

Well, we had sex. At first he was coming around more, we started getting along like a couple but he wouldn't add me back on Facebook. I mean I was POURING MY HEART OUT TO HIM. that's weird he wants to act like a couple but won't add me back? Well my friends sent me some stuff and it wasn't like he was hitting on girls, but he was talking rather flirty so I said, hey, my friend said this, are you wanting to see other girls, like is that it? he says that's not the case gets angry and we get into another argument.

Well, at this point I told myself I'm not dealing with it and left him alone. that night, he was like "i thought the single life was fun this is depressing" so he texts me about his money order, yesterday he gave me a ride home from work and stayed for a few.

He said, he doesn't want to be with me right now and is still hurt, maybe in the future. I told him I can't wait, and he said don't. then he asks me if his stuff can stay here, (when I know he could put everything in his familys garage) and tells me we can use it. and we're talking on the phone and text every day.

Am I stupid for having hope in us?
He also goes out of his way to tell me tiny things that would peek my interest, also sending my pics of marvel guitars, like keeping in contact with me. confiding in me about his family, and his job, making sure I know he's not going out. like what's the deal?


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  • It sounds like he wants to play the field but keep you there as a fallback.

    • Agreed. Seems like you are comfortable for him and he knows you'll always be there. He doesn't want to work at having a relationship though.

    • thts right,why buy the cow when the milk is free

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