I can't trust guys after cheating ex.

I dated my last boyfriend for 2 years and then found out he cheated on me with 6 other women. I finally have found someone I like again, but I'm terrified of another relationship. It's hard for me to accept that guys sometimes aren't jerks, and sometimes they have feelings. Or that they care. I don't want to mess it up with this new guy. I want to be happy. But I don't know how to open up.


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  • If you were cheated on in a 2 year relationship that you believed in,it will probably take 2 years to get over it.

    Only 50% or less people are cheaters.Your chances are good.If you explain to him that your trust has recently been shattered but you want to believe in him,I think it will work out and he will understand.

    You deserve to have someone better in your life than the last one.


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  • it's just going to be a matter of time. you'll learn to trust again, or at least understand that you can develop trust. I've been cheated twice in different relationships. both times it took me a while. Like tractorbeam said it is a general rule that as long as you were in the relationship is the amount of time it takes to get over it and in my cases that was about the time it took for me to feel like I could trust someone enough to date.

  • Tell him everything you told us. Communicate your fears and vulnerability to him and he'll reassure you and confirm his faithfulness if he cares about you. Don't let some previous jerk's moves ruin wonderful relationships you can have with others.

  • Try writing him a note, or an email, text if you can't open up in person.


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