Guys, would meeting your girlfriend's ex change your opinion of her?

Lets say you meet your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. And he's clearly a scum bag, you know she hates him and they weren't together long. And you have already fallen in love with your girlfriend. Would meeting her ex, seeing her poor taste ect, change your opinion of her?


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  • Yes, meeting the ex is never a good thing - just picturing them together in any way, whether they had good times or bad, is bad news. If the guy was some intelligent rich stud it'll just harbor fear, caution, and inadequacy; and if the guy was a toolbag it will reflect on her accordingly. Avoid it at all costs.

    • Ok, so lets say she'd have see this guy again (I'll save you the story). Could she just tell her boyfriend that she doesn't want him meeting the other guy because she's afraid of what he'll think?

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    • Okay, I'll take your advice. Thank you for your help!

    • Well said.

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  • Don't do it. Sometimes when the ex comes back in the picture, even for a brief moment, they have nothing to lose and can really cause a lot a chaos. This can be very detrimental to the relationship you are currently in. When I hear "I want you to meet my ex," it is the beginning of the end of that relationship.

  • It wouldn't make me see her any different. There's no rule book or formula to finding the right person for you and sometimes you can find some poisonous people who manipulate. I would also want my girlfriend not to judge me on poor taste in a woman.

  • It might not make him love you less, but it might hurt him and think a little less of you even if he won't admit it. It's like kicking sand in his face, "wow, I can't believe she seriously saw something attractive in this guy...". But then again that's just me, guys can be prideful and hold things in.

  • it probably wouldn't change my opinion of her. IF I was already in love I hope I wouldn't let meeting her ex sour me on her feelings for her.

    • Thanks! I would hope so as well, and really my only concern.

  • Yes it would, because she was attracted to that scum bag.

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