Do I stand a chance with my housemate?

Some back story, a new girl moved in a couple of months back, she was still dating someone until about a month ago. We were going out for movies together as housemate during the period she was still attached. I enjoy her company and I think she does too, but a week or so after her breakup, she had someone sleeping over, which to me was a clear sign she weren't interested.

Recently, she invited me to join her at the beach for her high school get together and at the movie she also playfully punched me in my shoulder. On one occasion, I happened to bump into her in the hallway, and she was in this huge t-shirt, just enough to cover her bum, and she was giggling as she made her way to the bathroom past me.

Wonder if I am in the friend zone or do I stand a chance? How should I let her know without making it too awkward should she reject me? Would something like "Do you see us being more than just friends?" get the message that I like her across?


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  • you cut it short and tell her '' do you think we can be more than friends '' before you develop more feelings and get hurt ,


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