Seriously what is wrong with the guys at my work?

Ok, so bit of a back story I liked this guy at my work, he asked me out for a drink I said yes, talked for a week then out of the blue, stops. Nothing!

so that brings us to present day about two months on, I like this guy who happens to be my managers son, anyway he finally contacted me getting my number and we talk and joked for a couple of days, then I saw him at lunch and he said he wanted to take our break together and I said that'd be cool. And we did, annoyingly so did two of my other friends, but he didn't seem to mind and we still talked. He shaved his beard for me becasue I told him I hated facial hair and I was surprised he shaved it off, but I told him I loved it and thought he looked really good. The shift ending and we were walking to his car and he offered me a lift home which I accepted and then realized my dad was waiting for me which was annoying but I told him maybe next time. Anyway so I got home and texted him saying come back lets go out or hang out my family are driving me mad, something along those lines and I hear nothing from him for 24 hours, so I send him another text the next day saying "why aren't you replying haha?" and a snapchat saying something like yay no chatting for 24 hours with a sad face. He opened it and ignored it. I just sent him a text after another 3 days saying hi how are you, but I don't get it?

why would he suddenly go from chatting all day everyday and seemingly liking me to just nothing?

tbh I feel a bit shit because it seems to be a recurring theme in my work and it's really annoying I just want to know WHY he's ignoring me? I thought we hit it off?

any clues :(?


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  • His dad probably warned him off you; there's always potential for problems dating the boss, or any of his family. Legal issues..

    It's also possible you scared him off by coming on too strong, texting him too soon and too often

  • playing hard to get?

    or he thinks you aren't interested and he feels he is annoying you, so he restricts the contact to avoid 'creeping you out'.

    Long story short if you like him then show more interest and be more direct.


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