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broke up with boyfriend of 2 years. its been a couple months now since it was over. my ex's best friend sam was the bain of my existence for the last 6 months of the relationship. anyway I met this new guy mike. really really like him. we hit it off. our bdays are even on the same day! I just really am interested. the feelings mutual. anyway I found out that he knows sam! and they play soccer together they aren't close but talk sometimes and stuff. and this is disasterous. mike says he barely talks to sam it should be fine. but I'm totally not okay with it. although I really like mike. I don't know what to do! I mean what are the chances! I just feel same has come in between me and someone AgAIN and it just sucks. what do I do? do I have to not bother to date mike anymore?


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  • you're overreacting. if he barely talks to sam then there shouldn't be a problem. I mean there are about 20+ guys on a soccer team, so it's not like most of those people have much interaction with each other except for practice and games.

    what influence could same have over things in this regard?


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