Took my boyfriend back but I still feel uneasy about his relationship with his coworker?

Awhile back there was an assumption about the possibilty that my boyfriend cheated me with his coworker. I broke up with him on a clear assumption. Then we got back together after 2 months. I love the guy OK. We have been together for 5 years. He was very persistent these past two months with me. Assumption came about because of a saved picture on his phone and secretly talking to his coworker behind my back. I had a hard time with it that I even confronted the gal. She denied any wrong doing stated her case. That I should feel comfortable with her..cause she is married first of all. She didn't know my boyfriend couldn't have female friends. and the only reason she called him a billion times was that my boyfriend was suppose to help her and her dad get firewood. She claimed that the picture was sent by mistake. She did entail he's my friend that's why I call him after work hours. that she is respecting our relationship. I tolded my friends and they said she was full of shit trying to cover her back..she is a c**t and all that. Perhaps from friends advice I dumped him. Anyways we got back together and I told him flat out that his work relationship stays at work ..there is no reason that woman needs to be calling you after work a lot. She can call the boss..if she has questions. He said he would work on gaining my trust again as far as not keeping secrets from me. So I checked his phone recently to find again he's been in contact with her out of work. I was going to ask him in the morning..if he answer truthfully then I had nothing to worry but if he denys it we have a problem. What does he do he denys it . Then recants says its about the fireweood again. He has a chainsaw. He didn't want me to be mad.So I asked him if he was going and he said no. Well a little later his coworker texted me and asked if my boyfriend invited me to get get firewood with them on Sunday. Are you shittin me? I am confused he says one thing she says one thing..Ok to the point now well now they are doing lights together they show up at my work together she nows gets all dolled up to do lights and talks to me like a bestfriend. It bothers the crap out of me. I told him why he has to show up with her together? why can't one come in or the other? I just still feel like they are both playing me. Its a feeling. I am to the point if I can't kick this feeling I have to end it for good. My boyfriend is not trying to show me or prove that that there's is nothing going on. I almost need proof...also I don't want to make a decision if its just me overreactting.have grounds to . I guess I don't want to regret it or perhapsworried that I am actually wrong . What does bother me is that one thing he said awhile ago the problem is between you and her not me. And lol she said there's no grounds for me to think bad. I think I am a sucker .


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  • The fact that he lies means the trust is gone. He keeps lying so the trust will never be regained. This is your relationship it will not change. No I don't know if your insecurities or his cheating happened first. Don't kid yourself he was cheating. Sent a pic by mistake my ass. If there weren't texts following that pic saying how sorry she was for sending it or it was a mistake it was on purpose. And of course she is going to try to make friends with you. That's the only way to keep seeing him. Why does a married woman have so much time for another man? I wonder how her husband feels about it?

    I think you were suddenly invited to squash the fact that he got caught lying... again. If he wanted you there he would've asked when he got home.

    There is nothing wrong with making friends at work that's how you get through the day. There is a problem when you lie about it.


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