Do you Facebook stalk your ex's gf/bf?

I saw a question on here about if you stalk your ex. My question, is do you stalk your ex's current boyfriend/girlfriend? I do not have Facebook (and haven't for 3 years now) because of so many of my boyfriend's ex's stalking me! Yes, me...crazy! They would always send me messages and try to start drama and stuff too. It was really weird and nauseating really.

So, do you do it? Has it been done to you? And, if you do..then please help me understand whyyyyyyy

lol thank you :]


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  • I never had a Facebook account.Your question reconfirms that my decision is right,thanks.Haha.


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  • I have not stalked an ex- on Facebook. I have looked up ex-girlfriends to see where they ended up, did they have families, what kind of guy did they end up with, how do they look now, etc. Most of them, I didn't even message them. I also used it for the opportunity to deliver an overdue apology for me being a jerk in my youth.

  • i "stalked" some people. but I was curious.

    it not actually stalking its curiosity

    stalking has harassment in it

    i think most people are just curious

    i think we should be responsible people and not libel? others and just accuse everyone of things just so we can feel more important or blow things out of proportion for fun. its irresponsible and hurts people.

    (ive been accused of such things)

    • I am not sure exactly what you are implying. I was stalked. At least 3 of his ex's harassed me several times a week for no reason. I am not accusing--it was factorial what I stated. but, I am sorry that you have been accused of such things,. that is wrong

    • no I agree with you if someone is harassing someone that's bad.

  • No, they are called Exs for a reason. I do not want anything to do with them.


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  • I had a few girls stalking me too. The weren't exes just some chicks that had crush on my ex boyfriend lol

    I never stalked anyone thb I think it's immature..


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