Is this too weird?

In the summer, this girl who lived in my apt building was moving out to another state. I got her number when she was moving out because I wanted to buy some of her items, which she was desperately trying to sell. I am going to her city in a few months for a business trip. I have not talk to her since. would it be weird to call or text her to hang out with me?
Thanks for your answers. I guess the next question is... is this realistic since we live in different cities?


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  • No! She'd be flattered that you remembered her! I know I would. That's sort of romantic.. Just be like "hey, it's ***** from *****, I bought some of your stuff when you moved away. Well I still had your number, and I'm going to be in town, I was wondering if I could take you to lunch or dinner."

    • even if I were to be in town for only a few days? is it sensical? Thanks!

    • Of course! I wouldn't have expected you to be there more than a week anyway

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  • Not really weird, but unrealistic, possibly.

  • not if you get in touch with her before hand and let her know

    it seem more like you have a thing for her and afraid to tell her.

    don't take her to lunch dinner or the movies take her for coffee or beer but, don't make it an all night thing.

  • am I the only one who would think it was odd that he kept my number in his phone, remembered the new city I moved to and wanted to hang out with me like were old friends? :s its not creepy by any means but a bit strange

    • she saved her number on my phone so that I would call her to pick up my purchases from her apt. and we had an extensive talk during her move-out because we have similar career paths. I also had to send her a check to her new place in her new city... is this still strange?

    • no, I assumed you meant no contact except for arranging furniture pick up and no contact since (hence dropping in on a complete stranger) but if you guys talked about interests then go for it!

  • No go ahead


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