Does it seem like I'm a temporary girlfriend?

My boyfriend repeatedly keep talking to his ex behind my back. He said she was just a sex toy to him. He even keep adding her number to the reject list and taking it off. He show me the messages but while his phone was unlocked I seen texts from them under a new number. He use to answer her in the middle of the night he finally quit. We been living together for a year and dating for a year. he refuse to tell her about me even though she knows. He talks about her in a bad way to me. he refuse to post pictures on Facebook us besides a relationship status. Now people are interfering to see us not together and it seems as though he don't care. He normally would past me the phone when she calls. but I asked for her number he wouldn't give it to me. he basically protects her. I seen where she sent a pic to him that wasn't shown to me. He said they haven't seen each other in a year but I feel like I am not really his girlfriend. They was together for over 5 years. He say she harassing him and she's crazy but he won't even block her or do anything TO prove it.


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  • 1) He's doing it behind your back. The trust is gone and he doesn't care about you or your feelings.

    2) This makes no sense, "he refuse to tell her about me even though she knows". So does she know about you or not, I don't get it?

    3) He's hiding your relationship on Facebook.

    4) You moved in together when you didn't even know each other yet. That's the biggest mistake of all. You shouldn't move in with someone quickly. A lot of relationships fizzle. When you move in together it's harder to break up and separate the property.

    You moved in with a stranger that obviously wasn't over his ex. You are the rebound he moved in with and he's getting a 2 for one deal. It's time to break up. This relationship moved too fast and there is no trust.

    • He has our relationship status on Facebook but refuse to post pics. Yes she knows about me

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  • Here a few things I am thinking. You are controlling and are trying to "pin him" with lies. He doesn't seem over her. He seems like a cheater or dishonest. Would you want to be with someone that you have to force fidelity with? I know I wouldn't. If I am with a woman and she wants to be sneaky or wants to leave than I will let her. I would just move on. His past girlfriends he obviously talks badly about and he will with you after he moves on. Let go and be free and be happy with yourself.

    • If you been dealing with this since the beginning it's not lies

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    • He don't answer her around me anymore but it's strange

    • Not strange. That is called being sneaky. Take care

  • First, he shouldn't be talking so poorly about his ex or anyone else that been with him. To call his ex a sextoy? I am positive she would hate that. Almost as much as he would hate for YOU to talk to her directly. He is adding to the reject list when your around...taking it off when you're not. Then there are the times you happen to see it ...that's when he forgot to add it to the reject list. That said, I am a huge proponent to privacy... but your gut instinct is one to listen to. I hate labels... but I would never disrespect someone I loved at one time as a butch or crazy or a sex toy...because that means you could be labeled as such in your future. Love all, trust no one.

    • He said that she was just a sex toy and he had sex with her only one time and that's it. He said she's crazy

    • One time in 5 years? I am not sure if that would be 100% truthful on his part. Be careful.

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  • 5 years is a long time to spend with someone. Often when people break up after a long relationship they stay friends for a long time, sometimes for life. It's cruel to expect someone to give up on their friends just to be with you. Try thinking of her as just another one of his guy friends. Your perspective will change and you will realize that you don't need to be jealous and untrusting.

  • I hope they are no longer together in intimate way. Somehow I felt that he is hoping to go back to his ex one day since you mentioned that he kept you away from her. Also I wouldn't feel comfortable if my boyfriend badmouth his ex..if he has truly move on he wouldn't be talking about her

    • I been dealing with this since we been together

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    • Then why is he still talking to her

      Tbh I don't trust him

    • Well we on the verge now breaking up anyway

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