Problem ex girlfriend lives just down the street from me.

well its her parents house as she is actually off at college rate now but does go there on weekends and lived there during summer . but anyways its rate down the street just a couple minutes down the road from where I live . things are not good , she won't even talk to me and were not getting along , she even deleted me on Facebook even though I said I wanted to stay friends with her .

i've seen her parents and somehow they noticed what car I drive and have given me dirty looks when I drive by , even though I have to drive by her house and its on main road so I have no other choice most days when I go to work and such .

anyways things are getting awkward and I don't know what to do anymore , I tried to talk to her but things went no where and its very awkward living so close to each other and knowing she is rate down the road from me


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  • I would say just pretend they don't exist and live with it. No one should be blamed if things didn't work out.


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  • well that's your problem deal with it

    • well I'm trying to but its difficult when there is like no communication between each other , I tried to send her a nice text saying I had hoped/liked to stay friends with her and such but got no reply . I also get feeling her parents really don't like me and not sure I can fix that one

    • just ignore her its all you can do

  • I would move.

    • always an option but not sure she'll be living there much longer anyways , as she isn't really there much anymore as she's at school but she might move back for summer again, she's at age she might just move away and like stay in city where she goes to school instead of being at home is what I wonder might happen

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